RH Hunting & Nature

RH Hunting & Nature was introdued in 2009 as an extgension from the Roland Harnesk Organisation Development, a consultant business started in 2007 by Roland Harnesk. RH Hunting & Nature offers exclusive opportunities for nature experiences like hunting with weapon or maybe camera.

The forest is situated five kilometers south of the Arctic Circle in Jokkmokk area in the very north of Sweden. The primary hunting area is about a 1000 hectares forest in alternately terrain. There are two mountins with intermediate areas of mature forest and marsh grounds, a brook, forest meres and natural wells.

The main different games are moose and birds (capercaille, black grouse and hazel hen). The growing population of bear increases the possibility of contact. Other stabile game polpulations in the area are, red fox, hare, willow grouse and pine marten.

RH Hunting & Nature offers an exclusive and personal experience with skilled guides and loose barking dog, well trained for either bird or moose. The dogs are trained to find and mark the game and bark until the hunter arrives. The hunting days usually begins at daybreak.

It is possible to experience other activities like picking berries, visiting bears den and staying in forest cottage.

The guests are offered to stay in fully equipped cabins with sauna at a camping sight close to Jokkmokk town, 20 kilometers from the hunting area. Lunch and coffee breaks will be arranged by the camp-fires. Breakfast and dinner are normally not included in the offers but can be arrenged. RH Hunting & Nature cooperagtes with ohter experienced that can satisfy other personal requirements from guests or companions.


RH Hunting & Nature has an environmental policy that all activities have to take all possible consideration and respect to wildlife and nature. Transports to and from the hunting area is by car but inside the area, walking by foot och skiing is advocated.

The business is on constant development. The game preserve is intent on decreasing the red fox and pine marten populations, in favour of the small game, and increasing the habitats for the moose polpulation.

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