Tutorial in Jokkmokk at the Arctic Circle on hunting, calling, trapping and skinning red fox.


Welcome to a tutorial on red fox hunting in the heart of the forestland close to the Arctic Circle in the very north of Sweden. Guests will learn how to hunt and skin the red fox. Methods used are calling, trapping and standing in shelter. Every guest will be supervised while skinning a fox and preparing it to send home. The hunting area has an abundant population of red fox and to ensure quality only three guests at most will be attending each occasion. You will stay at a comfortable hotel with sauna.


Day 1: The guests will be picked up at the airport and transported to the hotel. There will be a first tutorial and presentation of the coming hunt, followed by dinner.


Day 2: After breakfast we transfer to the hunting ground, empty the trapping line and put out new traps. After dinner, guests will then take a stand in a comfortable shelter for waiting hunt or calling in the forest.


Day 3: See programme Day 2. Tutorial on fox-skinning, either own fox or one provided. The skin will be dispatched after preparation.


Dag 4. After emptying the traps and enjoying lunch, we begin the transfer to the airport.


Price per person: 21 222 SEK, The price is for at least three tutorial guests incl. VAT.
Alcoholic beverages and air tickets are not included.


Other info
Guests are responsible for bringing personal equipment and clothes. The price includes the following: four-day tutorial/hunt, all meals, hotel accommodation, hunting licences, trophy preparation of one fox, car transfers to hunting area and transfer to and from airport.

transport or equipment can be arranged.
The hunting season is from December to April.


A fine red fox in winter fur






Trapped red fox 2112

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